Choose four or five professional photos in different outfits and poses. Mix in a couple of great non-professional shots of you. Never, ever have pictures with your friends or an ex-boyfriend with blacked-out faces. Pictures with pets and children distract the attention from you. Scenic pictures without you in them, even those of travel destinations should be avoided. Make certain your photos don’t reveal any personal information, for instance where you work or live. Never, ever have pictures of you wearing lingerie or other extremely suggestive clothing. You are a classy, exceptional woman, and that’s what your photos will expose. The photographer is only going to bring out your natural beauty, not change who you are. When your date sees you in person, you will be just what he has expected because he already has the picture in his head. Keep in mind that he may read things into the surroundings in your images, so be particular with what you expose. You will be looking at the surroundings in his pictures to gain insight as well.

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