Joel Osteen is an author and televangelist. His weekly broadcast reaches over seven million viewers in over one hundred nations. His ministry teaches the power within each of us. His messages are less scripture-and-sin-based and more about “trying to teach people how to live their everyday lives.” Joel Osteen, Fox News Sunday, 12/23/07: Osteen focuses on the good of God rather than sin. He emphasizes the power of love and a positive attitude. His sermons are heavily weighted in the concepts of prosperity theology, which means those following the road are rewarded with wealth and power.


You—yes, you—have the ability to change your life in an instant. In the flash of an eye, your entire destiny can be shaped. You can meet that special someone, you can overcome that fear, you can change someone else’s life, even create life. Many times, before we even realize it, we reshape our path forever. In every area of your life, you want to change—even those things you think are out of your control (you hate your job, you’re in poor shape, your finances are a mess, you’re struggling in your relationship, or you can’t connect to a higher purpose in life)—all these things are within your direct, immediate control. Your mindset is the foundation of how you think, feel and behave; you can control your mindset by what you choose to focus your attention on, by the language you choose to describe things, and by your chosen behaviors.

If your life circumstances aren’t meeting your expectations, change your expectations or change your circumstances. I mean it! Either change what you want, or change what you are getting. You can change your expectations by changing your belief system regarding what you think you need to “be happy.” If you think you need a white picket fence to be happy—but you don’t have one—reassess what you do have and realize how wonderful it is that you have a safe and warm home. If you are still determined to have that white picket fence, start planing to build it. Even if you don’t know how to do it, picture that fence in your mind as your goal. You can change what you are getting by redirecting your focus toward your goals. Do something little every day to build momentum toward your goal—even if it’s only to daydream about it!


I know, in life, sometimes it seems we have no control over our experience, it seems that others are causing us pain. They may be late to meet you, or demand things of you, but in life, she who is the most flexible wins. So if you learn to roll with the punches, you won’t be knocked out. Think about it: if a friend is late to meet you, you always have the power. You can either leave, because you choose not to wait, or you can choose to wait because it is worth getting to see them—it is completely within your control. To wait and be angry does neither of you any good.

If you become agitated at everything you think people are doing “to you,” you end up frustrated because you lack control of the situation. To be in complete control of your life, you need only realize that how you respond to any given situation is up to you. You may think, well, I have to do what I am told at work or I’ll get fired. That may be true, but you have the control to leave that job and search for another one. While fear of not finding better circumstances may keep you stuck, in actuality, were you to be honest with yourself, it is always your choice. If you are flexible in your approach, you can find a response that feels best to you. If you don’t like how you are feeling, use that flexibility to change your circumstances, or change your thoughts about the circumstances. So, if you’re not ready to look for a new job, look for a new way to view your job—possibly as a great lesson to prepare you for the new job.


Men, and women, too, are attracted to confidence in a significant partner. Confidence in our man is super sexy, isn’t it?  Confidence is king and your king most certainly is confident. It’s so appealing when he looks and acts like he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. You know he’s got your back. Individuals who lack confidence tend to over-analyze EVERYTHING—every situation poses a threat. That stress is internalized as negative thoughts, which inevitably lead to negative actions. People with low self-worth are hypersensitive and self-critical, never realizing the value in themselves or in a challenging experience. They haven’t yet learned to ask, “What’s the lesson?” All these lessons have allowed you to become your greatest resource. Since you now know you are your greatest resource and all you need is within you, you can simply determine how to outsource any given obstacle. It’s just like hiring a plumber. You may not know how to fix the sink, but you know how to hire someone who can.

The wisdom you have attained over the course of your life has gotten you this far—what a remarkable job you have done! Let your self-assured mannerisms show in the way you stand, the way you move your body, the way you speak. Let them exude from every pore of your being Science now tells us the mind is not only in the brain; memory is held in every cell of your body. Let every cell radiate the confidence you have acquired in a lifetime of experiences. No crazy insecurity about things that have yet to exist. No daydreaming about negatives—only positives. Allow that confidence to flow out, spilling into all areas of your life.

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