Build your man up, tear him down. There is a reason it is said that “behind every great man is a great woman.” The polarity of the sexes, coupled together, is unstoppable. Our greatest leaders get support from their partners. Our most successful business people get advice from their spouses. Our most accomplished athletes get motivation from their counterparts. You can be just the tool your man needs to fix things!

How to inspire your man:

1) Daydream with him. Dream a vision of the ideal life you could create together. Play, as when you were a child.

2) Rather than demanding of him to do something, drop subtle hints. For instance, if you want him to take out the trash, rather than demand it, make a verbal note of the odor.

3) You don’t always have to be in control. Find an outside source to explain something rather than attempting to direct his behavior yourself.

4) Use positive reinforcement, not punishment. When he does something you like, let him hear it! Tell him he is your hero.Singing his praises will likely inspire more.

5) Take some time to make him feel special.  Surprise him, get gussied up and make him his favorite dinner, or give him a “pamper day,” when you treat him to an in-home spa you’ve designed. You know him best—what would make him feel like he is your king?

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