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You be the Queen—of Confidence

Joel Osteen is an author and televangelist. His weekly broadcast reaches over seven million viewers in over one hundred nations. His ministry teaches the power within each of us. His messages are less scripture-and-sin-based and more about “trying to teach people how to live their everyday lives.” Joel Osteen, Fox News Sunday, 12/23/07: Osteen focuses on […]

Don’t Cut Your Wheatgrass

Whatever you cut out of your daily rountine, don’t cut the wheatgrass. It supplies the body with chlorophyll, over ninety minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and every amino acid, meaning it is a complete protein. Wheatgrass is remarkably molecularly similar to your own blood. It cleanses your blood and restores it’s alkalinity. Wheatgrass can effectively boost your […]

OX-ygen Your Body

You can survive without food for months; you can survive without water for days; but you cannot survive without oxygen for more than a few minutes. Every breath you take and every move you make determines the energy you have, and therefore, are able to expend. Most people don’t take in enough oxygen. We normally breathe shallowly, […]

Expert Daniel Amen: “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”

Here is a video on some amazing research based on 63,000 brain images. Daniel Amen, MD, and the author of four New York Times best sellers, is the foremost expert on utilizing brain imaging research in clinical psychiatric practice. He makes complex neurology easily understandable, teaching how our brain works and how we can make […]

Tap Water Woes

Most water treatment plants utilize chlorinating and fluoridating processes. Chlorine is used because it’s the most cost effective way to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, NOT because it is the safest. The disinfectant byproducts produced from the chlorine are detrimental, causing severe biological damage to our bodies. Fluoride is a government-mandated addition to water processed […]

The Sunshine Vitamin – Happy Health

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. It is found in very few foods; however, the sun stimulates vitamin D production in the human body. All you need is ten to fifteen minutes a day, with at least forty percent of your skin exposed for the best and most natural source of vitamin D available. While sunscreen may protect […]

I’d Rather be Exposed to Embarrassment—than to a Health Hazard

Avoid the new TSA advanced imaging technology—don’t be the guinea pig. The new screening machines have been in use since 2007, but the true effects aren’t yet known. The screening device emits a narrow beam of ionizing radiation, which scans the body in a rotating form. Numerous TSA employees have advised me that the machine […]

A Change In the World

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of my Miss Match books is donated to the Claire’s Place Foundation ( Claire’s Place Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that benefits children and families affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Claire’s Place Foundation is named in honor of my friend Claire Wineland, now fourteen years old, who […]

How to Live Life Effortlessly

Worry leads to stress, and we have learned about the havoc stress can wreak on our bodies. Choose to live in the present. The current opportunities for pleasure, change, and growth are all before you in each moment. Eckhart Tolle is the foremost teacher on how to live in the present moment. Hear what he […]

Supercharge Your Battery with Wheatgrass

I started drinking wheatgrass because of its inordinate number of health benefits. Wheatgrass supplies the body with chlorophyll, over ninety minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and every amino acid, meaning it is a complete protein. Wheatgrass is remarkably similar to our own blood. It cleanses the blood and restores alkalinity. It is an effective way of boosting our body’s […]