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Stick Your Tongue Out

When you’re building relationships, you are in close proximity with people. You want to turn them on with exceptional hygiene. Remember, our sense of smell (olfactory) is our strongest sense; you want people to link positive emotion to you, even if they don’t realize it’s because of your favorable scent. A tongue scraper is a key […]

Finding Purpose

Ask yourself: What is most fulfilling in life to me? —Activities, people, spiritual—absolutely anything. Make a list of everything you do for fun.  Make a list of everyone you admire and tell them why. Are there things you love to learn, people you love to see, activities you love to participate in? Specifically, what juices you in […]

How to Crack Your Heart Wide Open to Love

If you haven’t been in a relationship for a while, or even if you have—and now you’re single and hurt—you have to break down those walls in order to find a new love. Love—the greatest gift—can bring you the most joy in life, but it can also cause the most pain. Sometimes, those growing pains feel […]

Love Your Nose with a Neti Pot

We all have experienced the therapeutic effect water can have on our bodies. Have you ever taken a swim in the ocean and noticed a cut or scrape was almost instantaneously healed? Salt water in particular is utilized in many holistic therapies. The neti pot is an ancient medicinal tool for cleansing the nasal passages. It […]

Don’t Worry, be Happy

Worry is fear, and always relates to a future event—the anticipation of what is to come. Just as with guilt, worry serves no purpose. Do plan and prepare for what your future may bring, but don’t worry about events that may never occur. People often spend exorbitant amounts of time and energy worrying about events that […]

Blemish No More–Get to the Core

What’s going on with you externally reflects what’s going on internally. As we know, you are what you eat; similarly, you are what you feel! What you put in and on your body, as well as your emotional state, all affect your health and your skin. When you get a blemish, it’s the “icky” trying to […]

It’s Time for Beddy-bye

Tips for great sleeping habits: Establish a bedtime routine Eight hours is recommended by most experts as the target number of hours to sleep Sleep patterns during dark hours from ten p.m. to six a.m. are idea Go to sleep at the same time every evening and wake up at the same time every morning […]

Filter out the Junk

If you could buy only one filter, experts agree a shower filter is of supreme importance.  More chemicals enter the body through dermal absorption and inhalation when you bathe in tap water than when you directly ingest it. Inhaled toxins make their way into the bloodstream much quicker than those swallowed. When we shower, the combination […]

Posture Perfect

Posturing is positioning your body against the force of gravity. You maintain a certain posture when standing, sitting, or lying down. You may naturally have good posture, or you may train your body to hold good posture so that the least amount of strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement, or weight-bearing […]

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep…

Sleep is your body’s time to restore and heal itself. You can control this aspect of your health by getting an adequate amount of quality sleep. When sleeping, you pass through five stages, or changes in brain waives, lasting around ninety minutes total. Generally, we complete four to five of these cycles per night. Your body needs to transition […]