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The “Langue” of Love, “Ooh La La”

The “langue” of love is not only French, but to each individual it is very specific. It may be particular words or explicit actions that show one love, or it could be tangible gifts or activities together. Maybe your partner feels loved when you literally tell him or her “I love you,” or maybe they feel loved […]

Like a Flower Opens to the Sunrise, Open Your Heart to the Possibilities

“The heart is like a flower – unless it is open it cannot release its fragrance into the world.  The fragrance of the heart is made up of the qualities and virtues of our spirit.  Most of us have learned how to keep our heart closed in a world that would trample all over us if […]

Build a Man

Build your man up, tear him down. There is a reason it is said that “behind every great man is a great woman.” The polarity of the sexes, coupled together, is unstoppable. Our greatest leaders get support from their partners. Our most successful business people get advice from their spouses. Our most accomplished athletes get […]

The Beauty of the World Surrounds You Daily

If we look, we can find beauty in everything and in everyone. Take a day and practice finding the beauty.  Literally focus all your conscious attention on recognizing the beauty before you throughout the day. Find the beauty in your job, even if it’s one you don’t enjoy—appreciate what are you learning, even if it’s […]

Change Everything in an Instant—in the Flash of an Eye!

You—yes, you—have the ability to change your life in an instant. In the flash of an eye, your entire destiny can be shaped. You can meet that special someone, you can overcome that fear, you can change someone else’s life, even create life. Many times, before we even realize it, we reshape our path forever. […]

She Who is Most Flexible Wins

I know, in life, sometimes it seems we have no control over our experience, it seems that others are causing us pain. They may be late to meet you, or demand things of you, but in life, she who is the most flexible wins. So if you learn to roll with the punches, you won’t […]

Keep the Faith

Have faith, an all-knowing that the world is conspiring in your favor. When troubles come, when good times come—whatever life brings is for your soul’s highest good. Sometimes what we think of as the worst times in our lives have provided the most growth for us or those around us. Find the purpose in any […]

Pay it Forward

If you need a quick energy shift, if your ever feeling blue, if you just want a pick-me-up . . .pay it forward. Don’t look for what you can get, look for what you can give. “Only what you are not giving can be lacking in any situation,” A Course in Miracles. Looking outside yourself […]

To Give is To Receive

Humans are an amazingly caring species. Often times doing more for other’s than they would for themselves. When we give to others, we actually receive something much deeper than a physical possession could give us. The following video shows inspirational acts of kindness. Each of us has a hero inside. We can can be a […]

The Power of Seven

Seven shows itself to be a very powerful number. Think of your life: age 7, age 14, age 21, age 28, age 34, age 41—all very potent years of change. Some people say there is a seven year itch in marriage. It is believed cells in your body completely turn over every seven years, giving […]