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More Than Words Can Say

It is widely accepted that seven percent of communication is words, thirty eight percent is verbal (tone or pitch, speed, and volume), and a remarkable fifty five percent is nonverbal.  Nonverbal communication includes your physiology, your posture, breathing pace and depth, skin color (flushing, loss of color, glow, etc.), eye focus, and any minute movements […]

Build a Man

Build your man up, tear him down. There is a reason it is said that “behind every great man is a great woman.” The polarity of the sexes, coupled together, is unstoppable. Our greatest leaders get support from their partners. Our most successful business people get advice from their spouses. Our most accomplished athletes get […]

Don’t Neuter Your Man

Men want to make their partners happy. If they can’t make them happy, they feel like failures. If your man feels as if he can’t win in the end by making you happy, he will withdraw. Give your man the opportunity to be your hero. Do NOTs: 1) Do not tell him to “be a […]

The Beauty of the World Surrounds You Daily

If we look, we can find beauty in everything and in everyone. Take a day and practice finding the beauty.  Literally focus all your conscious attention on recognizing the beauty before you throughout the day. Find the beauty in your job, even if it’s one you don’t enjoy—appreciate what are you learning, even if it’s […]

Insider Trading

Here’s some insider information: If a guy feels you are out of his league, he’s not going to waste his time on you. A man isn’t going to ask you out again if he thinks he can’t make you happy in the long run. He is going to save those resources for the woman he […]

A Leap of Faith

Often times, we are looking for what someone else can do for us. We may get upset because our partner is not giving us what we want, not showing up for us in a way that “makes us happy.” Instead of continuing to look outside yourself for what someone can do for you, turn inward. A […]

Dream a Little Dream

Dream your ideal relationship into reality. Like a child daydreaming a fantasy, make believe you can create anything or anybody in your head. What would your partner look like, smell like, sound like, and feel like? Where would you go together? What would you do together? How would a typical day go? How would a […]

The Law of Attraction

Thought is energy. The energy of your thoughts draws matching vibrational energies to you. It’s why people always say “Be careful what you wish for and “Thoughts become things.” Every great invention starts, first, as an idea in the mind of man. When burning desire and faith are added to that, the result is success. […]

Where to Meet “Mr. Right”

Eligible men are all around you everyday—just open your eyes to the possibilities. Everywhere you frequent in your normal routine is likely to have some prospective suitors—the grocery store, restaurants, sporting events, conferences, coffee shops, hardware stores, church, weddings, clubs, the mall, the gym, parties, art openings, even the library . . . shhhhh . […]

Your Ideal-Mate List Looks Great “on Paper”

Get it out of your head, into your heart, and onto paper. Have you put your Ideal-Mate List on paper? If you don’t have a list, how do you know what you are shopping for? If you don’t know the target, how do you know if you’ve hit it? By now you have been surrounded […]