AKA Sowing and Reaping

AKA The Law of Attraction

AKA Karma

AKA Like Attracts Like

If you find yourself attempting to change a result by strictly changing only your actions, you are attempting to produce an effect through effects. To change, the effect must change your approach; at the core of that approach you must change your beliefs about your outcome, which will change your perceptions, which changes your thoughts, which changes your vibration, which changes your emotions—so that through your effect you draw in a new outcome, and your external reality is changed. Different thoughts cause different emotions and those emotions hold a unique vibrational frequency that broadcasts energy out into the world—”the Unified Field” of energy—and attracts like energies which form into physical matter and become the events and circumstances of your life.

Your emotions are the indicators of whether you are in the flow with what you desire from life.  If you are unhappy, it is clear that you are not receiving your desired outcome. If you think you will be happy when you receive your desired outcome, you are putting the cart before the horse—you are trying to change the outcome by changing the effect not the cause. You must first change your belief (the cause) which has lead to your current emotions, then your new emotions will vibrate at a higher resonance and attract matching energies of your new emotions (the effect). Therefore, to change your emotions, you must simply start by changing your beliefs. Change your beliefs about what can occur; change your beliefs about what you can do; change your beliefs about how others will act, and if that doesn’t work . . . change it all again.  It’s my “Groundhog Day” approach. If you don’t like the responses you are getting, if you don’t like the feelings you are having, if you don’t like your outcomes—change your approach.  And if that doesn’t work—change it again!

It has been clear for eons—our great leaders have known the power our thoughts have to give us anything we desire or anything we don’t. Henry Ford professed, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  The Bible teaches us: “As you think, so shall you be. As you believe you shall receive. Judge not less ye be judged. Whatever one sows so shall that will he also reap.” Buddha taught: I am the owner of my karma. I live supported by my karma. Whatever karma I create, whether good or evil, that I shall inherit.” You have the power within your mind to change your world. Change the cause, change your beliefs that lead to your emotions, therefore changing the effect, or outcome of those emotions.

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