You—yes, you—have the ability to change your life in an instant. In the flash of an eye, your entire destiny can be shaped. You can meet that special someone, you can overcome that fear, you can change someone else’s life, even create life. Many times, before we even realize it, we reshape our path forever. In every area of your life, you want to change—even those things you think are out of your control (you hate your job, you’re in poor shape, your finances are a mess, you’re struggling in your relationship, or you can’t connect to a higher purpose in life)—all these things are within your direct, immediate control. Your mindset is the foundation of how you think, feel and behave; you can control your mindset by what you choose to focus your attention on, by the language you choose to describe things, and by your chosen behaviors.

If your life circumstances aren’t meeting your expectations, change your expectations or change your circumstances. I mean it! Either change what you want, or change what you are getting. You can change your expectations by changing your belief system regarding what you think you need to “be happy.” If you think you need a white picket fence to be happy—but you don’t have one—reassess what you do have and realize how wonderful it is that you have a safe and warm home. If you are still determined to have that white picket fence, start planing to build it. Even if you don’t know how to do it, picture that fence in your mind as your goal. You can change what you are getting by redirecting your focus toward your goals. Do something little every day to build momentum toward your goal—even if it’s only to daydream about it!

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