When choosing an Internet dating site, research how long it has been in business and how many current subscribers it has. Many sites show members as active who haven’t been on the site in years.  Categorically, free sites want to keep the profiles up to appear to have more users. You want to determine what search technology they provide. Some websites allow you to search based upon physical attributes, some based upon common interests, and others even upon specific word searches. Many sites have automated services to directly send you prospects matching the characteristics you specify; others do the all matching for you, and don’t allow you to search any profiles. Evaluate the individual websites to determine if the tools on the site are user-friendly and self-explanatory. Some sites are specifically geared toward ethnicity, religion, relationship status, age, and even hobbies. These online dating sites have less members than some of the others because of the niche they offer. A specific site might be of interest to you if there is a “must” on your ideal-mate list that matches one of the categories.

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