Men, and women, too, are attracted to confidence in a significant partner. Confidence in our man is super sexy, isn’t it?  Confidence is king and your king most certainly is confident. It’s so appealing when he looks and acts like he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. You know he’s got your back. Individuals who lack confidence tend to over-analyze EVERYTHING—every situation poses a threat. That stress is internalized as negative thoughts, which inevitably lead to negative actions. People with low self-worth are hypersensitive and self-critical, never realizing the value in themselves or in a challenging experience. They haven’t yet learned to ask, “What’s the lesson?” All these lessons have allowed you to become your greatest resource. Since you now know you are your greatest resource and all you need is within you, you can simply determine how to outsource any given obstacle. It’s just like hiring a plumber. You may not know how to fix the sink, but you know how to hire someone who can.

The wisdom you have attained over the course of your life has gotten you this far—what a remarkable job you have done! Let your self-assured mannerisms show in the way you stand, the way you move your body, the way you speak. Let them exude from every pore of your being Science now tells us the mind is not only in the brain; memory is held in every cell of your body. Let every cell radiate the confidence you have acquired in a lifetime of experiences. No crazy insecurity about things that have yet to exist. No daydreaming about negatives—only positives. Allow that confidence to flow out, spilling into all areas of your life.

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