The most important part of your makeup routine is your foundation. If your foundation is “off color,” nothing applied thereafter is going to look right. There should be no indication that you’re wearing foundation. You should not see any streaks or lines. Particularly notice if the color blends at the jawline and into the hairline. Your face is often lighter than your chest tone. Don’t simply test a foundation on your hands as they, too, may be darker or even lighter than your face coloring. You must test the product on your face and with your normal pre-makeup routine with which you prepare your face. The different textures and moisture in creams and sunscreens will affect the foundation to follow. You must further test the powder that is applied after the foundation. You may need to adjust the foundation color, or you may need to adjust the powder color. Once you feel you have a good color combination, make certain to inspect your work both indoors and out, as different lighting can completely reveal different  imperfections. Again, you are an artist painting the most renowned portrait ever–yours!

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