Dream your ideal relationship into reality. Like a child daydreaming a fantasy, make believe you can create anything or anybody in your head. What would your partner look like, smell like, sound like, and feel like? Where would you go together? What would you do together? How would a typical day go? How would a spectacular day go? What would your partner say to you? What would your partner do with you?  What would your home be like? What would you do on your anniversary? What would your friends say about the two of you?

There are no limits during this process. Absolutely anything you can envision you can include. If you want your man to ride in on a pink elephant, so be it. Have fun, even if you are feeling foolish. Enjoy being playful and inventive, visualizing your ideal man, your ideal date, and, finally, your ideal husband. Be whimsical with your dream and see where it takes you, with no holds barred. There’s no right or wrong, only sheer delight at being able to conjure up anything you desire in your head on a moment’s notice. You are the one in control, and nothing can stop you. Once you have your perfect vision, put it down on paper—even change it again if you like. That’s the beauty of daydreaming—every day you can change the dream. These daydreams can help you be clear about what you really want to bring into your life and into your reality.

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