I know, in life, sometimes it seems we have no control over our experience, it seems that others are causing us pain. They may be late to meet you, or demand things of you, but in life, she who is the most flexible wins. So if you learn to roll with the punches, you won’t be knocked out. Think about it: if a friend is late to meet you, you always have the power. You can either leave, because you choose not to wait, or you can choose to wait because it is worth getting to see them—it is completely within your control. To wait and be angry does neither of you any good.

If you become agitated at everything you think people are doing “to you,” you end up frustrated because you lack control of the situation. To be in complete control of your life, you need only realize that how you respond to any given situation is up to you. You may think, well, I have to do what I am told at work or I’ll get fired. That may be true, but you have the control to leave that job and search for another one. While fear of not finding better circumstances may keep you stuck, in actuality, were you to be honest with yourself, it is always your choice. If you are flexible in your approach, you can find a response that feels best to you. If you don’t like how you are feeling, use that flexibility to change your circumstances, or change your thoughts about the circumstances. So, if you’re not ready to look for a new job, look for a new way to view your job—possibly as a great lesson to prepare you for the new job.

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