The Art of Feng Shui

When facing the main entrance door of your home, the relationship corner is the far back right. In this corner of your home you should have things that represent love and couples. Use that same placement for the relationship corner of your bedroom—as you walk in the main bedroom door, it’s the corner to the back right. Prepare these two corners and your entire bedroom to invite love and romance in.

You can use hearts, cupids, lovebirds, or any other metaphors that symbolizes love and relationships. Think “couple.” Think in pairs, like two candles, or better yet, two pink candles—a double whammy. Some great accents are imagery, statues (or other artwork of lovers), or possibly the Chinese symbol for “double happiness.” Pink is the color of romance, while red symbolizes burning passion.

You want this energy to invite your exceptional man in. Don’t reuse sheets you’ve shared with an old lover. Certain things inhibit the free flow of romantic energy in your bedroom, for instance, mirrors, wood, or metal poles over the bed; plants, computers, and televisions. Also, any form of solitude, such as pictures or art of single people, isn’t welcoming that shared love energy.

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