❤Love Stories❤

Here Comes The Bride

I still can’t believe Drea got me to go online! I was totally against online dating; to put myself out to the public like that. I’m a sophisticated, intelligent, classy woman. What if my friends found out? Drea convinced me that it wasn’t taboo, that I could possibly find the man of my dreams, that there was really no risk, nothing to lose. She helped me develop a profile that represented the heart of me. It was a beautiful description of the woman I am in a fun light-hearted presentation. Within the first week, my inbox was flooded with guys: not just average guys, but men I could actually picture myself dating. My first date was really fun, but I just didn’t feel it for him. My second date, a really great guy I could see myself liking, but not everything I really wanted in my man. My third date, that was it! Sold! I guess the third time really is a charm. He rocked my world. He was so handsome, so funny, so intelligent, so classy! I was done for, we were married in June and I’m so incredibly thankful to Drea for convincing me to try the unknown. I can’t say it enough, Drea you are the BEST!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!~Beth–Charleston, SC

Home Sweet Home

I still can’t believe it, I moved to San Francisco because Oprah said that’s where the best available men were located. I trekked clear across country thinking that my opportunity to meet the man of my dreams would finally be realized. I heard Drea speak at a business event, I wasn’t at the seminar to figure out my dating life, but that’s exactly what happened. Drea was from my area of the country and seemed to understand my plight with men. We began having weekly meetings to assess where I was at in my dating life and how I could move forward to finding the relationship I so desired. She convinced me to give online dating a try. I was desperate and up for anything at that point. She helped me find a great photographer to get current photos, then she helped me structure a profile that showed who I was and what I was looking for in a relationship. I decided to make my profile inclusive of anyone searching in the US…what did I find, a man from the town right next to my hometown back in Florida. He was one of the first guys’s that contacted me, since I went home regularly we were able to date long distance for eight months. Then, I was able to transfer with my job…I got to move back home, where I had always wanted to find him in the first place. It took me moving to almost the other side of the world to find what had been in my back yard all along. I’m thrilled to be back home and with the man I’ve been searching for my entire life.~Olivia–Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Banker & The Baker: A Bun in the Oven

I was single for nearly 3 years and was really ready to find a partner to settle down with. I’ve always desperately wanted to raise a family of my own. I live in the city I grew up in and just wasn’t meeting any new single men. I had a friend who told me about her coaching work with Drea. She had found a boyfriend after just a couple weeks and was very happy. I thought “What do I have to lose.” Drea helped get me online and dating. Wow, I am a baker I know how to make a great cup cake, but my recipe for dating was disaster! Drea gave me advice and guidance so I learned to look at dating differently. It was actually fun, not a chore any more. I was going out with different varieties, figuring out what qualities I really enjoyed in a man. I always thought I wanted someone just like me. I thought I would end up with another chief or someone in a creative field…but what did it for me in the end…the banker! He balances me and allows me to be the creative woman we both love! Drea’s coaching changed my life forever. We’ve been married two years and I’m 3 1/2 months pregnant. I’m with the man of my dreams.~Serin–Hollywood, CA

Start Spreading the News – The New York Newlyweds

I chose to online date for several reasons: I was curious about finding someone compatible; Drea told me good stories about online dating and encouraged me to get out there; I was tired of meeting people at bars and night clubs; and, I was heart broken from a 5 year relationship breakup. I actually online dated less than month. I meet a man online and we had an instant connection from the beginning. I never expected to meet the person I would fall in love with online. First we talked online and got to know each other a little bit and then we realized we wanted to take it to the next step and started talking on the phone. When we actually started to hear each other and talk to each other, we found out that we had a lot in common and there was a strong connection between us even with a 1000 miles keeping us apart. The distance did not seem to matter because we had a connection that is hard to find even when you meet some one in person. We anticipated our meeting and it made it that much more excited when we finally did meet. When he finally came to see me I knew right then and there he was the one. This relationship is like night and day from my past relationships. We built a foundation before meeting one another. There was no awkward getting to know you phase like in most offline relationships. We knew we were compatible from the beginning. The level of honesty; being able to lay out the cards on the table from the beginning. Saying exactly what we were looking for. We both wanted to find someone special and pursue a committed relationship. Currently, a year and half later, we are still together, loving each other more than ever. And not once have we regretted meeting each other or the way we met. We are like any good couple. We have differences, but our similarities always surpass those differences. We have similar goals and aspirations. We were always honest with one another since the beginning and that has made all the difference. I encourage others to online date. In New York for example most people are busy and have a hard time making time for dating.~Jan–New York City, NY

The Doctor Is In

I’m a busy lawyer, just like Drea. I saw how successful she had been so I decided to give online dating a try. It was perfect for my hectic schedule because I could pre-screen men on the computer before investing a lot of time and energy in person. I’m a mother and busy professional, quite frankly I just don’t have time to waste. Online dating was perfect because I was able to immediately know if the men wanted to date women with children. I was also able to see if our values matched up. I am very particular with who I date and bring around my children. After several months of going out with many different men, I found a doctor who also had two children. We had great chemistry and my values were important to him as well. Fast forward a year later and we are a happy blended family with four kids, and one on the way-watch out Brady Bunch.~Elizabeth–Charlotte, NC

The Time of My Life

So I decided my time was now! I wanted to be in a fulfilling, successful relationship and I was tired of sitting around waiting for Mr. Right to show up at my door step. So I decided to get proactive. A close girlfriend was dating a super-great guy and told me her secret. Drea Bauer had gotten her to online date. I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea she had meet her boyfriend through the Internet. I thought well, if she can do it, so can I. I enlisted Drea’s help for the task at hand. The thought of filling out a profile and searching through oodles of online men was daunting. But with Drea’s help, it became not so much a chore as fun and entertaining. I was getting to know men through their profiles, e-mails, then phone calls, and then in person on actual real dates. It’s like I discovered how to date for the first time. I learned how to really connect with a man, have a great date, learn about him, and share about me. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in the dating process. I dated online for almost a year and had a ball doing it. Finally, I was dating a great guy and he was ready to get serious and so was I. We are having the time of our lives, together! I can’t thank Drea enough for showing me the ropes!!~Julie–Los Angeles, CA