Take a “girl day” with your best buds and hit one of the large chain makeup stores and play with the makeup. You can test the makeup on yourself, or have one of the reps experiment on your face. You can play with all of the latest and greatest makeup and even get some free samples to take home.  The large chains and even most department stores now offer a full money-back guarantee, even if you have used the product, as long as you have the receipt. So take whatever you want home, test it out and if you don’t like it simply return it. This is especially useful when matching that perfect foundation color. Go online to YouTube and check out some of the Kandee Johnson’s videos on applying makeup. She is an expert on makeup application and her videos are very user friendly. I recently saw her speak at a beauty event, and she is a lovely young lady with a beautiful spirit and some fantastic makeup tips and tricks. I learned all about contouring to accentuate your positives and eliminate your negatives. They are really easy techniques once you learn how. It’s just like an artist painting a portrait. Become an artist working on your prize portrait!  You are exceptional.  Put your best face forward.

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