In online dating, as in all areas of your life, you always want to spread positive energy! Positive energy draws in even more positive energy. Nobody likes a Negative Nancy—and that’s not who you truly are at your core. You’re an exceptional woman, prepared to find her exceptional man. Men love happy, feminine women–everyone wants to be around happy, positive people.  If you’re looking for a positive man, you have to be a positive woman. “Like” people attract “like” people. You attract what you are, not what you want. If you find yourself in a lull, jump out of it and find a way to raise your energy. The higher your vibration, the higher the energy you attract. It’s like a tuning fork; just because your profile equals fixed words online, does not mean it holds no energy. The tone of your words, the information you share, and the expression on your face are all indicative of your energy level. Make certain when you are creating your online dating profile you are in a peak positive state so that it translates into a peak positive profile!

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