In today’s world, if you are looking for a partner, you can’t deny online dating is an amazing resource. The Internet superhighway has turned our world into a neighborhood—an “online community.” As years pass, the dating pool gets smaller, if only because more people get married. Online, there are more fish in the pond. You can cast your net into the Internet to scoop up your exceptional man. It presents such vast opportunities never before available in history. Not so many years ago, people were limited by social class, ethnicity, or religion.  How blessed are we to be free to engage in relationships with whomever we choose? Now you aren’t limited by anything—not even proximity!

Things aren’t going backwards; more and more communication in today’s society is gravitating toward the Internet. Now with social networks and Internet conferencing, people are socializing and conducting all forms of business on the Internet. What was once a new phenomenon is now a mainstream practice. It saves businesses time and money to hold meetings and live conferences on the Internet, rather than requiring a physical destination in order to connect in person. As the population becomes more and more savvy at connecting on the Internet, this form of communication will dominate society. The next time you’re in a public place, look at how many people around you are connecting through their phone or computer–calling, texting, video chatting. All varieties of communication are provided through the Internet, and these forms are only going to expand in the future.

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