I started drinking wheatgrass because of its inordinate number of health benefits. Wheatgrass supplies the body with chlorophyll, over ninety minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and every amino acid, meaning it is a complete protein. Wheatgrass is remarkably similar to our own blood. It cleanses the blood and restores alkalinity. It is an effective way of boosting our body’s natural immune system to fight against ailments and recover from illnesses. The list of health benefits goes on and on, which has caused it to become more mainstream. Ingesting two to four ounces a day on an empty stomach is ideal. I know it sounds crazy, but always chew your wheatgrass and your juices. It starts the digestive enzymes, allowing your body to better utilize the nutrients. I find it best to take it first thing in the morning before breakfast; it sets my day off to a healthy start! You always want to take it thirty minutes before you eat or two hours after in order to allow your body to absorb more of the nutrients. That way, you will receive the greatest benefit.  Wheatgrass has a detox effect and may make you nauseous, depending upon your current health. You can build your way up to larger doses. I have actually come to enjoy the taste and the quick pick-me-up of wheatgrass. It’s best to get freshly juiced wheatgrass, but if I can’t, keep frozen rations just in case. Be selective; the method of freezing and preserving makes all the difference in the nutrients provided.

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