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This Little Piggy Went Pink

I love a whimsical girly day enjoying an afternoon brunch in the company of a couple of my best girlfriends, then skipping over to a salon for a manicure/pedicure. Your hands and feet are a direct reflection of the attention to detail you pay to yourself. I keep a pumice stone in my shower and […]

The Beauty of the World Surrounds You Daily

If we look, we can find beauty in everything and in everyone. Take a day and practice finding the beauty.  Literally focus all your conscious attention on recognizing the beauty before you throughout the day. Find the beauty in your job, even if it’s one you don’t enjoy—appreciate what are you learning, even if it’s […]

The Eyelashes Have It

When accentuating the eyes, every protocol should include mascara. Mascara thickens and lengthens the eyelashes. It defines the eyes and makes them appear larger. Make certain to wiggle the wand from left to right to separate the eyelashes and avoid clumping the mascara. Start at the base of the lashes and proceed outward to make […]

Don’t be “Off Color”–Everything Starts with a Solid Foundation

The most important part of your makeup routine is your foundation. If your foundation is “off color,” nothing applied thereafter is going to look right. There should be no indication that you’re wearing foundation. You should not see any streaks or lines. Particularly notice if the color blends at the jawline and into the hairline. […]

What Not to Wear and What “to” Wear?

When picking out the perfect ensemble for your date, remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your online date’s never been up close and personal with you, and he could be your exceptional man. Think femininity, flirty, fun—sexy, yet classy! You want to show off your shape in a sultry, classy […]

Makeup Marvels

Take a “girl day” with your best buds and hit one of the large chain makeup stores and play with the makeup. You can test the makeup on yourself, or have one of the reps experiment on your face. You can play with all of the latest and greatest makeup and even get some free […]

Blemish No More–Get to the Core

What’s going on with you externally reflects what’s going on internally. As we know, you are what you eat; similarly, you are what you feel! What you put in and on your body, as well as your emotional state, all affect your health and your skin. When you get a blemish, it’s the “icky” trying to […]

The Eyes Have It!

To open up the eyes, I use an eyelash curler. I prefer to curl my lashes before applying my mascara. I feel you can shape them better, and it doesn’t interfere with the mascara. I gently curl at the base of my lashes, then again in the center of my lashes to give a more […]

Strike a Pose

The horizontal pose can make you appear wider, while the classic model pose shows curves and simulates a narrower waistline. We know how men love curves. Mae West defined a curve as “the loveliest distance between two points.” Photos should always be taken from above.  Photos taken from below add that infamous ten pounds. Never stand fully […]