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Online and in Life, Always be Positive, Positive, Positive

In online dating, as in all areas of your life, you always want to spread positive energy! Positive energy draws in even more positive energy. Nobody likes a Negative Nancy—and that’s not who you truly are at your core. You’re an exceptional woman, prepared to find her exceptional man. Men love happy, feminine women–everyone wants […]

Welcome-Home Love

The Art of Feng Shui When facing the main entrance door of your home, the relationship corner is the far back right. In this corner of your home you should have things that represent love and couples. Use that same placement for the relationship corner of your bedroom—as you walk in the main bedroom door, […]

How to Pump Yourself Up!

Get your Happy Times List and start enjoying every moment. If you don’t have a Happy Times List, now is a perfect time to make one. Brainstorm everything you love to do that puts you in a fantastic mood, especially those things you could do at a moment’s notice to get you in a more […]

Love Makes the World go Round

Today is your day! You are full of love! Spread that love all over yourself, then pass it on to others and the entire world. Give yourself a big hug for getting you this far in life. Look at yourself in the mirror and sing “You are so Beautiful.” Dance for yourself; go get a […]

The Fast Track to Frequency

The most powerful steps you can take in order to utilize the law of attraction are prayer and mediation. Through prayer and meditation you can resonate at the frequency that will attract what you desire and believe available. Prayer is your talking to God, your higher source, while mediation is listening for the answer. Use […]

You Are the Energizer Bunny

Energy is the root of everything in the Universe. It’s both the cause and effect of everything that transpires.  In your life, your frequency (also called your energy or your vibration) determines the tangible results that appear in the physical form. Your “reality” is based on your frequency. The key to creating the reality you […]

Changing Your Energy is as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

You can raise your energy in a skinny minute without the help of anyone or anything–simply rub your palms back and forth quickly seven times. That’s right, bringing your energy up is as easy as counting to seven.  Simply place your hands together and rub back and forth for an instant elevation of energy. Then […]

It’s Never Just Black or White

We are all familiar with the way color can affect our energy. People constantly use color to describe how they feel, like when they “see red” or “see the world through rose-colored glasses.” People describe their moods with color. Sometimes one is “feeling blue” or is “green with envy.” Colors are used to explain things, as when […]

Sing, Sing a Song . . .

Music can change your energy about as quickly as any tool out there. The rhythm of a song can literally cause you to vibrate at a different level. The vibration of sound is called waves. Sound waves move the tiny bones of your ears and cause them to shake when you hear loud noises. Those sound waves resonate […]