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Pay it Forward

If you need a quick energy shift, if your ever feeling blue, if you just want a pick-me-up . . .pay it forward. Don’t look for what you can get, look for what you can give. “Only what you are not giving can be lacking in any situation,” A Course in Miracles. Looking outside yourself […]

It is Better to Give than to Receive!

It is fun to receive a special gift from your man. But isn’t it thrilling when you hand him that perfectly wrapped package with that big bow and know he’s going to LOVE what you have picked out! We all know the great pleasure we feel when we give a gift that is so perfectly thought […]

50 Ways to Love Your Lover

Wink at him Hug him Kiss him Dance for him Dance with him Hold penetrating gaze Hold hands Give him a gift Give him back rub Snuggle up close Tell him you love him Send loving texts/emails during the day Don’t judge Give him your undivided attention Be a raving fan Brag about him in […]