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Lost in Translation

Men and women commonly use Internet acronyms in their E-mails. Acronyms are abbreviations for words or groups of words formed from the initial letters of the original words. I never take the shortcut in E-mails. I am fully invested in the process, and take the time to respond to only those men who have piqued my curiosity; […]

Build a Man

Build your man up, tear him down. There is a reason it is said that “behind every great man is a great woman.” The polarity of the sexes, coupled together, is unstoppable. Our greatest leaders get support from their partners. Our most successful business people get advice from their spouses. Our most accomplished athletes get […]

Don’t Neuter Your Man

Men want to make their partners happy. If they can’t make them happy, they feel like failures. If your man feels as if he can’t win in the end by making you happy, he will withdraw. Give your man the opportunity to be your hero. Do NOTs: 1) Do not tell him to “be a […]

Insider Trading

Here’s some insider information: If a guy feels you are out of his league, he’s not going to waste his time on you. A man isn’t going to ask you out again if he thinks he can’t make you happy in the long run. He is going to save those resources for the woman he […]

A Leap of Faith

Often times, we are looking for what someone else can do for us. We may get upset because our partner is not giving us what we want, not showing up for us in a way that “makes us happy.” Instead of continuing to look outside yourself for what someone can do for you, turn inward. A […]

Dream a Little Dream

Dream your ideal relationship into reality. Like a child daydreaming a fantasy, make believe you can create anything or anybody in your head. What would your partner look like, smell like, sound like, and feel like? Where would you go together? What would you do together? How would a typical day go? How would a […]

The Worldwide “Man Market”

There are so many options in online dating to choose from these days. There are online dating sites geared to certain age groups, while other sites are specific to level of intimacy desired. For example, there are some websites that are simply for making friends, while on the other extreme there are sites for people seeking multiple […]

Open Sesame–Open the Door to Your Comfort Zone

How do you make someone feel comfortable in your presence? How do you get them to open up to you? Women, and men too, want to connect with others. In dating, in personal life, even in business—it all comes down to connection. People want to feel understood and appreciated; they want to feel you know […]

Online and in Life, Always be Positive, Positive, Positive

In online dating, as in all areas of your life, you always want to spread positive energy! Positive energy draws in even more positive energy. Nobody likes a Negative Nancy—and that’s not who you truly are at your core. You’re an exceptional woman, prepared to find her exceptional man. Men love happy, feminine women–everyone wants […]

Abracadabra…the “Disappearing Man” Act

Don’t be hurt when a guy from an online dating site doesn’t show any interest, or doesn’t call you back. It’s no reflection on the exceptional woman you are! Frequently in online dating, men disappear after an indication of interest, an e-mail, or sometimes even after a great date. You never know his “back story” […]