Seven shows itself to be a very powerful number. Think of your life: age 7, age 14, age 21, age 28, age 34, age 41—all very potent years of change. Some people say there is a seven year itch in marriage. It is believed cells in your body completely turn over every seven years, giving you new life. Triple sevens win the jack pot in Vegas!

Seven is powerful both on Earth as it is in Heaven. The world has seven continents and seven seas. The moon has seven phases. There are seven notes in a music scale and seven colors in the rainbow. There are seven days of the week. In the Bible, there are seven deadly sins and God rested on the seventh day. In Judaism and Islam the highest heaven is Seventh Heaven. Our bodies have seven Chakras.

There are powers in numbers. In the Bible, whenever two or more are gathered in his name . . . In prayer and mediation is widely held that they are more powerful when done in groups. It’s why people ask others to pray for them. Thought is energy, prayer is thought. Thought leads to form, hence prayer leads to form.

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