There are so many options in online dating to choose from these days. There are online dating sites geared to certain age groups, while other sites are specific to level of intimacy desired. For example, there are some websites that are simply for making friends, while on the other extreme there are sites for people seeking multiple lovers. Some online dating sites categorically have only members of a certain religion or ethnicity, while others are grouped based upon common interests or activities like sports or love of animals. Many online dating websites have an automated service to directly send you prospects matching the characteristics you specify. Other sites do the all matching for you, and don’t allow you to search any profiles. Some online dating websites allow you to search the site based on physical attributes, or some common interest; and some even offer specific word searches. Evaluate each to determine if the tools on the site are user-friendly and self-explanatory. The bigger your market, the more potential sales. You aren’t limited to only one site.

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