I love a whimsical girly day enjoying an afternoon brunch in the company of a couple of my best girlfriends, then skipping over to a salon for a manicure/pedicure. Your hands and feet are a direct reflection of the attention to detail you pay to yourself. I keep a pumice stone in my shower and give my feet a little scrub every time I take a shower. If you don’t like nail polish, get a suede nail buffer and cream polish, available at your local beauty supply. It will enhance the natural shine of your nails. I can never keep nail polish from chipping on my fingernails. It doesn’t last a day with me, so I buff my fingernails and polish my toes. You never know who’s going to be seeing those little piggies—even if it’s my fellow yogis.

If you opt for painting you nails yourself, always apply a base coat to hold the polish on longer and a top coat to keep that finish perfect and shinny. Before applying the polish, rather than shake the nail polish to combine the color, try rolling the bottle in the palm of your hands. This will avoid bubbles forming in the bottle and ending up on your nails. The color you choose for your polish can literally effect your mood. Red is the color of passion, while pink is the color of romance—choose your flavor.

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