When picking out the perfect ensemble for your date, remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your online date’s never been up close and personal with you, and he could be your exceptional man. Think femininity, flirty, fun—sexy, yet classy! You want to show off your shape in a sultry, classy style.

Make certain you dress appropriately for the occasion. Getting all dolled up is so much fun, but make certain your outfit is venue correct. If you’re going for a picnic at the beach, a sundress is perfect, but if your going bowling, not so much. Confidence is king, so, whatever you choose, make certain it’s something you feel comfortable in! Olfactory, which is smell, is your strongest sense, and you’re going to be in close proximity, so make certain you have fresh breath. A hint a perfume, not overdone, is a nice touch as well.

You will feel your best when you make the extra effort to look your best. You are a brilliant, gorgeous, exceptional woman—let it show in every detail. But most importantly, when preparing for your date, don’t just take care of what’s on the outside, take care of what’s most IMPORTANT—what’s going on inside.


  • Do wear heals
  • Do wear dresses or skirts
  • Do wear perfume
  • Do wear makeup
  • Do wear well fitting clothes
  • Do wear your hair down


  • Don’t wear flip flops
  • Don’t wear the perfect little dress for Vegas
  • Don’t wear cut-up cool jeans
  • Don’t wear transparent clothing
  • Don’t wear an over-sized shirt
  • Don’t wear plunging V-necklines

*Remember men love the differences between you and them. Don’t be afraid to show your femininity in the way you adorn your body; just keep it less trendy and more classy on the first date.

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