Eligible men are all around you everyday—just open your eyes to the possibilities. Everywhere you frequent in your normal routine is likely to have some prospective suitors—the grocery store, restaurants, sporting events, conferences, coffee shops, hardware stores, church, weddings, clubs, the mall, the gym, parties, art openings, even the library . . . shhhhh . . . and, of course online. With online dating, you can “pre” date in the comfort of your own home, in your pi’s if you like.  Put yourself out there at every opportunity. The more prospects you reach the more sales you make. If you’re out and about, always looking and feeling your best, you never know when your exceptional man is going to show up, and you want to be fully exposing your exceptional self so he’ll recognize you! Whenever you are in need, ask a man for help—even if he’s not your exceptional man. By acknowledging him you are welcoming other exceptional men into your life. Maybe you will make friends with that gentleman, or maybe he has friends, and they have friends. You never know how or when he’s going to show up, so always be prepared. Isn’t every moment in life more enjoyable when you look and feel your best? Of course it is!

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