The power of your thoughts to control your energy is always immediately available to you.  Your mind thinks in pictures, so any time you want to retain your brain, you can simply create pictures in your head. You can either recall actual times when you had the emotions you are seeking, or create a time of which you dream. By creating the dream you will then bring more of those thoughts into your conscious awareness, thereby actually bringing more of what you dream of into your reality.

Whatever you experience in your mind, your body thinks of as reality. Even if you are not experiencing something on the physical plain, your body believes to be real what you can conceive in your mind. It’s the old lemon trick. Think of biting into a sour lemon; your salivation response begins even without an actual lemon being present. Try it, really focus on biting into a big, sour, yellow lemon that makes your tongue cringe and your teeth sting. It’s as if it’s happening in your mouth by simply thinking of it in your head. Knowing the magnificent power of your photographic memory can allow you to create anything of which you dream!

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